414 creates and manages customized transportation solutions for your next convention shuttle, meet & greet, or executive program.


55 VIPs in Pebble Beach.

180 arriving in Dallas.

220 for dinner in Atlanta

10,000 conventioneers in Columbus.

20,000 people in Orlando.

We have your solution. We have your team. We have you covered.

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414 Logistical Consultants is a full-service transportation management company specializing in convention shuttles, VIP event transportation, airport “meet & greets”, and meeting transportation all over the country. We consider ourselves not only transportation experts, but hospitality professionals dedicated to providing you the best possible service from arrival to departure, from proposal to billing, from start to finish.


We begin by discussing your goals and details surrounding your event. We’ll work with you on a solution to fit your convention and event transportation needs. We can offer a motor coach shuttle on a loop, individual sedans, mini buses, or a combination of these. We’ll manage your details, communicating with your attendees individually so that you can focus on the many other details of your event. We have you covered.


Scott MacLellan


Scott received his formal leadership training with the Four Seasons Hotel Group. He has worked with Atlanta-based destination management companies, where he managed shuttle programs and transportation services throughout the United States including Anaheim, Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

Maureen Brink


Maureen has expertise in special events planning and operations in addition to transportation. She has planned programs for our clients domestically and abroad, ranging from VIP dinners to incentive travel. Maureen simplifies the planning process with a special talent for budgeting and details, communicating with you…

Our work speaks for itself.


414 is Keller Williams’s go-to resource for local training meetings, multi-day smaller conferences, local events, and VIP transportation. We began working with the annual Family Reunion of 6,000 attendees more than a decade ago. Since then, the show has increased to 18,000 attendees and growing.

The return transportation to the airport required a customized solution- the client wanted guests to book on their own. We created a page on our website to do just that, incorporating Keller Williams design elements to be seamless with the main event site. Now a permanent part of the convention, we handle return airport transportation, a la carte.

At 414, we understand that things change- especially planning events in a dynamic world. Keller Williams had plans for an international incentive trip that needed to be relocated on short notice. Keller Williams consulted us to rework the event quickly. The new event experience had to occur over a specific date range, needed to take place domestically, and was to reach the status of “once in a lifetime”. We got to work and ultimately planned a trip to the Kentucky Derby in a four-month planning window- complete with hotel arrangements, transportation and off site events.

Keller Williams also has company focus on philanthropy, which was called to action during the busy hurricane season of 2017. A few days out from its scheduled start, Mega-Camp became Mega-Relief, partnering with non-profit disaster relief operations, and 414 was ready. Buses were in short supply with many in the area already dedicated to other relief operations. We were able to call on our vendor partners in our time of need, and secured 75 buses from all across the southern region- from as far away as Mississippi, to move attendees to and from the staging area to some of the hardest-hit areas.


Imagine your convention growing by 43% from one year to the next! In 2011, the Thirty-One Gifts annual convention was planned for 6,000 attendees, and the following year, they needed a shuttle system for 14,000 attendees in 10 hotels! The logistics were challenging and time was ticking. We were fortunate enough to work with them that year, and that successful show was the beginning of what has become a long-term partnership.

Soon, Thirty-One began sourcing us as their go-to partner for all things transportation. We currently manage their Board of Directors transportation, all local transportation needs for VIPs and staff, incentive travel transportation, and even personalized CEO transportation to and from public appearances. All over the country.

The annual convention has continued to evolve, taking place in different cities, eventually returning home to Columbus, OH. We head to their home offices each year to meet and discuss the plan and budget for the coming show. Last year, our budget varied from the actual cost by a mere 1%! Our commitment to efficiency and smart design has given them a stable budget from which to work.


You’re planning a top-level event in an unfamiliar destination and the airport is an hour and a half away from the resort. You have influential and noteworthy attendees, and everyone needs their own car. 414 understands your goals, and we aren’t going to just send a car. We’re going to reach out to each attendee as their flight arrives, letting them know where to meet their driver and answer any questions. We’ll also maintain contact with you so that you can be confident that your VIPs are en route.

You’re planning a meeting for 300 people and do not have any flight information for your arriving guests. Let’s work on a shuttle loop with 15 minute service. We’ll work with you on the communication, any adjustments that need to be made and share ridership numbers with you as we go.

Your meeting starts at noon on Tuesday, and your attendees arrive Tuesday morning. You just received word that several attendees have flight cancellations. We already made the equipment adjustments and contacted the attendees with updates on where to meet their transportation. Can we help you get meals and beverages on board? We are service and logistics!








414 has the resources to provide additional event planning and logistics support. We have over 15 years of experience planning incentive trips, VIP offsite activities, and creating bespoke event experiences.

We can increase your team’s capacity on an existing program or discover exciting destinations and venues for new programs. Whether it’s kicking off your keynote breakfast or arranging falconry excursions in Ireland, we’ve got the connections and experience to make it happen.

If you are looking for further support on your events, let’s talk about how 414 can help.



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